At the very top of the spine is the first cervical vertebra called the Atlas. The Atlas carries the head and plays an important role in the proper alignment of the entire spinal cord and skeletal system.

When the Atlas is out of alignment, the body can experience headaches, neck pain, a stiff neck, back pain, pain in the hips, knees and joints, differences in leg length and pressure on the spinal cord. This is because a skewed Atlas, via a domino effect, causes incorrect alignment of other joints and vertebrae. Improper alignment of the Atlas can also contribute to poor balance and dizziness.

When the body perceives incorrect alignment at any location, it will naturally try to protect the area from further damage by packing it in with static muscle tension. As long as the misalignment is present, the body will continue to try to protect the area. Over time, this static muscle tension can be very painful and become inflamed. The body instantly releases its static muscle tension upon realignment of the Atlas.

In addition, when the Atlas is misaligned, the passage between the brain and the body is smaller than optimal. This can cause disruptions in nerve signals, blood flow and cerebral spinal fluid flow, which in turn can cause disruptions in any bodily function including digestion, hormonal balance, blood pressure regulating, sleep, sight disturbances and more.

Atlas Correction Engelheart is the application of a specific massage of the short muscles of the neck, aiding a natural realignment of the Atlas. The procedure is performed in a single session, which is followed by a check-up a 3-4 weeks later. The massage is safe, non-invasive and free from abrupt or aggressive tractions or manipulations of the neck. It is ideal for babies.

Each session lasts approximately 85 minutes including consultation time.

Following an Atlas Correction:
Once the Atlas is adjusted, there can be a progressive restoration of good posture and a natural realignment of the vertebrae as well as a decrease in pressure on joints such as the knees, hips, and ankles. At the same time, there can be an improvement in the neural flow and the blood supply to the brain that can lead to an easing of chronic pain, improved sleep, improved digestion, regular comfortable menstruation, and increased vitality.

Realignment of the Atlas may bring about immediate improvements or slow and progressive improvements. A few people experience that they feel a little sore, stiff, dizzy or tired after having received an atlas correction. It is normal and usually passes in a day or two. Occasionally, there might be some discomfort, which can occur right after the Atlas Correction Engelheart application or even weeks later in other cases. This is normal and transitory as the body readapts during a regeneration phase. Tiredness, muscle tension, cramps or transitory reappearance of old, poorly healed problems are signs that the body is responding well to the realignment of the Atlas. However, if there are any concerns or excessive prolonged discomfort, please contact Dale.

In addition, the following guidelines will help you get the most out of an Atlas Correction:
On the treatment day: Try not to sit for more than ½ hour at a time. Stand up and walk around for a few minutes each ½ hour before sitting down again. The same applies to bus, train and car journeys.

After and between treatments:
Drink plenty of water. A glass each hour if possible. Walk a fair bit – at least 15 – 20 minutes each day Do any exercises you have been given by Dale but not on the treatment day Avoid the following for a week to two weeks, as these can disturb the alignment process: Extreme heat or cold, rapid temperature changes such as jumping in cold water, rapid manipulation of hard tissue such as Chiropractic treatment or very deep massage therapy, heavy or extreme sports or sports that are not part of your normal regime, large yawns or large bites into very hard food (such as an apple) and sitting with crossed legs for long periods of time.

It is advisable to support the Atlas Correction Engelheart procedure with weekly regular gentle massages or treatments such as CranioSacral or Bowen Technique for a period of time. This helps the readjustment to be as comfortable, effective and efficient as possible.

The purpose of this technique is to improve the quality of life and is under no circumstance intended to replace or interfere with medical or other non-medical treatments. Once the Atlas method has been performed, therapies such as osteopathy, homoeopathy, chiropractic, neural therapy, acupuncture and physiotherapy can be more effective.

Price for Atlas Correction Engelheart: nok 2250 incl mva for two 85 minute sessions
Price for children: nok 1900 incl mva for two 85 minute sessions

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