Treatments with Dale


Atlas Correction Engelheart

Atlas Correction Engelheart is a gentle pressure point treatment of specific neck muscles, facilitating a natural realignment of the neck and spine to help establish good posture, pain relief, improved sleep, vitality and relaxation. More Info

Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique is a non-intrusive hands-on therapy using unique rolling moves to encourage the body’s innate ability to relax, relieve pain, ease restriction, rectify functional balance, calm down and fortify. More Info

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy gently works with the spine and the head to ease nerve and fluid restrictions promoting relaxation, improved coordination, functional balance, pain relief, good sleep and vitality. More Info


Homeopathy is a long-standing medicinal practice. Homeopathy treats you holistically instead of a named disease. In this way it can ease your symptoms on many levels without causing harmful side effects. More Info

Digestion and Food Intolerance

A focus on digestion can help with digestive discomfort, fatigue, skin troubles, headaches, poor concentration, poor sleep, neck and jaw pain as well as inflammatory, neurological and behaviour problems. More Info

BEMER physical vascular therapy

NEW! BEMER physical vascular therapy stimulates microcirculation in the capillaries, giving the body’s cells and organs more nourishment and oxygen to be able to heal, establish strength and relieve pain. More Info

What Clients Say

M. U., Norway


Very relaxing, I feel it relieves stress and brings me to a place of deep relaxation. Dale is a talented therapist and always carefully considers my symptoms before giving a treatment. She is compassionate, understanding and funny.


M. W., Norway


My treatment today was very comforting and gave me energy. Dale has given me good help in my daily life.


A. H., Norway


A pleasant and comfortable appointment. Dale is very understanding and gives me good help. She is generous with her time. She goes to the root causes not just the symptoms.